Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hey guys

Joburg we need your help! DJ Kenzhero and I are looking for female models for a poster campaign for DJ Kenzhero Plays Party Songs For Extra Special Girls at MeMeMe (Sunday 21st April 2013, now you know).We need five people: Real girls, Cute girls, Natural girls in their 20s with all kinds of hair styles and facial features.  We're looking for 5 personality types: A natural hair girl with a nice afro, a box braid girl or long nice braids, dreads, a girl with relaxed hair styled nicely (mushroom, fauxhawk incl) not just straight up straight, a bald/short hair girl, somebody with a piecing on their nose or face, big beautiful smiles with nice teeth, bright eyes - girls with style and a personality that comes through in a photograph. All races and skin tones welcome! 

I know this is very short notice but we need the girls by this weekend. If you know anyone who fits the bill or if you think you're it, please send a picture of yourself and your details to missmillib@gmail.com asap and I'll be in touch! Please note, we're not looking for professional models, you don't have to be rake skinny but there must be something about your look! Ok, here are some pic references of the kind of people I'm talking about, nevermind the fact that they are all black beauties, anybody is welcome. If we are interested, we will call you for a go-see and take it from there. Thank you

Images courtesy of Le Coil


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