Paste Fest

Monday, October 4, 2010

I've always loved that word and now even more because I keep seeing the growing power of pasty cool. Real geek chic, not images of pretty girls in glasses - pasty geeks are more interesting and perfect and I think we all have Kate Moss to thank for that. I think these two videos most represent what I'm talking about.

This song is called Love Lost by Temper Trap and the second is called Operation by Joburg based The Frown

I don't know who Temper Trap are or where they are from but this video was the best thing I saw today. It made me smile and love humanity because there are so many things "wrong" with it, yet it's so beautiful. Thanks Gina Waldman for telling me who they are after I walked into my apartment and it was on TV. I never ever watch music videos but I was glued to this, to such an extent that I had to share, so enjoy. The second is equally cool. A friend of mine Russell showed me this video a couple of months ago and I think I wrote about it. It was shot on the then empty rooftop of Main Street Life in Johannesburg and the beautiful singing is by Eve Rakow - this adorably silly monkey of a girl I met outside The Street in Greenside. The band is called The Frown and they are as great as her crooked teeth.

For the best video quality for these click here and here - I'm suffering from a disease called bandwidth thrift.

Here's some more revenge of the nerds

Tavi Gevinson wearing Ralph Lauren's Pink Polo shirt for Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Then Lin Lui and Jenny Andrew and I saw this guy on Saturday night at SA Fashion Week. Lin wanted the Lego bowtie for hers and Shaldon's son! Funcool.


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