Tuesday, February 9, 2010

It's 9pm and I'm still at work, though honestly I should have left at 6pm! I managed to work the NY subway system to get myself to work - in the most beautiful and inspiring street I've ever seen. I've been at Video Fashion all day doing interny things like organising disks and doing whatever I can do to help anybody really. The team here is extremely friendly and helpful and I'm honoured to be working with them! Everybody gets here at 10am for work and leaves after 6pm. That was meant to be me, but I decided to wait for a friend of a friend, who is going to lend me her phone while I'm here.

During my wait, I decided to go get some dinner on the street and thus began my downfall as a frugal control freak when it comes to buying clothes. My head is still spinning from the amount of AMAZING clothes and shoes there are in so many shops, at soooo many good prices. I'll post photos of the stuff I bought when I fix my camera!

I bought a pair of cream and gold Diesel sneakers for a friend for...wait for it...$20! A long navy blazer with blue and white turnup sleeves for $17, a pair of black rubbery brogues for $69 and theeeee cutest guava coloured granny knit jersey from H&M....for $10. I believe that store invented "hinges" and then decided to get OFF them...It's off the hinges...It's insanely out of control how there are so many clothes there at unbelievable prices! By the time I got back to the office, I think they were about to send a search party out for me because I had said I'm going for a bite to eat an hour and half ealier.

I'm so sad my camera's broken cos I can't take any pics but I promise to fix it and post some pics!

Tomorrow I'm going to China Town and a young designers store...I forget the name. Then Thursday, Fashion Week is in full swing!


mpumi said...

Ahhh Milli i'm soo jealous when it comes to the insanely cheap but cute clothing you can get out there. you come to realize how much we're getting ripped off. I think you'll love Chinatown. keep on blogging cant wait to hear more. and have a blast for us too!!! mpumi

Vuyo said...

Oh sweet man, workahollic of note though...have a blast babe...! Love you lots and lots of Mncwwwaaaas!

missmillib said...

Dude Mpumi - I feel bad when I buy something from one store...only because a couple of blocks down there will be a better, cheaper thing that you could have bought. Having so much fun with that and everything. I'm not crazy excited anymore - I just feel at home, like I belong here.

Vuyokazi, ungafel'apha ke wena ke! The people where I work bafana nawe - they love to work and they are good at what they do and they are soooo friendly. Gosh!

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