Sunday, February 28, 2010

Today a you tube video of Kepi playing a Miles Davis song with a hand made instrument made me smile. Please vote for my dear friend to be cast in a Benetton Campaign...he's already been in Colours Magazine. He's lovely! Vote and Check out the video here:


fumbatha said...

trying to vote, but it looks a bit complicated for my simpleton mind... 5.20am gal? ulala nini?

Kgomotso said...

I'm all for the Smarteez: i've the privelege of meeting them, but am left still thinking "who are they" other than fashion forward peeps?

however in an interview with them, what is constantly reiterated is that its not just about the fashion/dress, after an interview with them i still dont know what its about. they say its a consiousness/liberation- confusing!!!

maybe you can help a sister out: I just got on the whole social media thing in an effort to try find out more about the smarteez without a formal"interview" to see what they talk about, how they stylize themselves, what this stylizations means for the youth of our country... comments appreciated

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