China Town

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Today I had the absolute pleasure of vising China Town in NY, one of the most exciting and not even awe inspiring, but awe-inducing places I've ever been to in my life. Whatever you've read or watched on TV doesn't do this place justice. I went to a restaurant on the corner of Mott and Broadway East called the Golden Unicorn, where there are 5 floors of restaurant, yes the same restaurant. Marlene, the incredibly kind founder of Video Fashion decided to treat me to a delectable Dim Sum experience - she unfortunately couldn't come but sent somebody to take me there!

Somebody in the west or even in SA should wake up to the concept of eating the Chinese in this place use - because it works deliciously for them. So we went up to the third floor, the Dim Sum floor where, yes the entire floor serves all sorts of dumplings and dumplingesque desserts - and sat down at our gaudily decorated table.

We had literally been sitting down for 47 seconds when a cart with all kinds of dim sum rolled right in front of us for us to pick whatever right there and then. This dim sum deal they have going on her totally kicks traditional fast food's ass. We had dim sum with shrimp, spinach and shrimp, pork, plain veggies and a lot of other indescribable (as in I really didn't know what they were) fillings and shapes and each and every one of them was tasty, healthy and filling.

The dim sum cart laday kept rolling on over every 15 minutes or so with a whole new, more exciting variety than the last and the overall element of choice that New York offers was demonstrated perfectly. There were desserts made from pork, beans and every other unlikely thing you can imagine being used in pudding...and I had to try at least one! I had a thick and sticky lime green ball of something with sweet black bean sauce in the centre and although it sounds like I ate a ball of wet was truly delicious, I couldn't resist another!

By the time we were ready to leave, we'd had two pots of tea, too many sweet things, plenty of dim sum and a truly amazing experience.

Please note, that was before we actually trawled the streets which resulted in me spending all my money on this stuff, that stuff and every stuff for my friends and family - all under $30 mind you. There were deals from here to China. And there's so much more I could write about...but I don't wanna bore you!

Tomorrow I prepare for my first day of New York Fashion Week. I managed to get another camera from a housemate here so you'll have pictures (that I took) from tomorrow.

This apple is delicious.


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