Monday, January 14, 2013

Oh these? Just some kicks I just got from my friend Adhiambo's car boot about 10 minutes ago.  Adhiambo Louwers, the former model and fashion show producer now makes these and trust me, many other beautiful shoes.  I did a post about these late last year and got a few enquiries from twitter. I'm very happy to report that as of this morning, MeMeMe Joburg stockes these two pairs. Before we order any more pairs, we want gauge the interest and demand before but aren't they just what the doctor ordered for back-to-work Monday?  

We have 1 sample per shoe and we're taking orders. If you like, we can order your size and you can fetch them by the end of the week. Or if you don't have the cash now (who the hell does?), we are open to negotiation because we understand the depth of the relationship between a woman and her wardrobe.  The shoes are going for R1950 a pair and the quality is superb! Email to enquire  


Anonymous said...

Those black Mary-Janes... Gorgeous!

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