And the winner is: my conscience.

Monday, January 7, 2013

On Friday I published a post about a young girl who had sent me an email saying that she is a fashion designer who wanted to stock Mememe.  She had shown her designs to the people at Louis Vuitton and they had wrote back saying that her designs are great.  And that she had created 4 or 5 ranges already.  I found the email totally suspect and as much as the girl is being proactive, perhaps it would have been better if a guardian had sent it because the real world is a tough and sometimes horrible place, especially for children with big dreams.  It was hard to take seriously and honestly, I found the letter hilarious to say the least and I and a lot of you had a good laugh. That post had the 5th highest number of hits ever on this blog.  Anyway, one of the people that read it responded in a way that tapped into my conscience.  Christine wrote a comment saying shame on me and invariably, you guys for being mean to a 12 year old.  My initial response was to be defensive and say I have the right to publish what I think appropriate, which I do and I did.  After posting my first response to Christine, I tried to carry on with my day but I had this nudging feeling in my gut picturing that 12 year old girl feeling really horrible for having tried to make her dreams come true.  And I just couldn't do it. So I decided to take it down.  If I was a heartless bitch, then I would left it as is but honestly, I feel bad and in this case, I do care what people think so I took it down.  I am not trying to be Missmilli Bitch.  It was kinda mean of me to publish her letter, as shocking as it was, but in this case, maturity wins.  


Nomali said...

I think it's big of you. I read the letter and I found it funny not hahaha at the 12-year old's dreams but at our entitlements as a generation. But part of me also thought of great young people of my generation who've done exceptional things (I name Tavi) and thought hey, maybe she is as good as she says or can be. Who knows.

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Thanks Nomali, our generation sure is entitled and I guess that was the funny part. Take care

MiZz B.A.T said...

Compliments to the new season Milli, there were lovely loafers and heels that you posted last year, amd you said you would keep us updated as to where to get them.....i know this is a bit off topic, however i really loved the shoes and actually wanted to get a pair for my partner and i...please let me know where to get them.

ON THE TOPIC OF THE 12 YEAR OLD: honestly this is your personal blog and you are allowed to post what you feel appropriate. At times we are more sensitive towards children because they are highly sensitive, my question is what if it was someone our age 25years or older that had sent that e-mail and you reacted the way you did to that person would it have then been such a huge topic? As mature as we all are, adults have tendabcies of bashing eachother or bringing eachother down far more often than usual. SO EVERYONE MUST JUST CALM DOWN!

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