Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy New Year everybody, I sincerely hope you're feeling fresh and energised to do it all again, but better.  I have been sleeping and chilling as if my life depends on it.  Working here and there but essentially, I've been horizontal for most of it.  Watching films, series and reading the most compelling books which all led to the most adventurous dreams.  I didn't  go anywhere and didn't see my family on Christmas, something I won't do again this year, being alone was nice except on that traditional family day, that blew!  

I haven't thought about work which is why I'm back so early, just to get a bit of a head start and to plan the year ahead properly.  If you're back at work, I'm with you in solidarity.  Good luck, look after yourself and your loved ones and thank you for reading my blog, I really appreciate the people that take the time to stop by here every week.  Peace and love y'all! Here's to a fruitfull season for all of us. 


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