New huurrr

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

So of course the first real free moment I have (since as of tonight I am on holiday) has arrived and I am braiding my hurrrr! I've worn it naturally for the past week and a half and as romantic as the idea is, it's faaaaaking hard to manage and I just miss swishing some synthetic hair and having different styles every day. So. I've decided to ''take inspiration'' i.e. try my best to copy these hairstyles.  I am halfway through. The long and the short of it? Ouch! But who cares if I get to look as cute as Solange in this picture or as hot as Janet Jackson in Poetic Justice?

I die for these 90s box braids.  The pic at the bottom  with these two F.L.Y girls are soooo cool but would probably wear me down on day two.  


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