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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My BFF Nana and I have been slowly redoing our home with the help of a friend whose got an amazing eye, especially for all things retro which we are obsessed with.  We've lived in our place for two years and in those two years were both so obsessed with work we never really paid attention to our space, but now that we are both two years older and acquiring better tastes in life, we have decided to spend the next 6 months home improving.  Here are some of my favourite new pieces, including my slow bedroom renovation. 

This is our little waiting room as you enter our house. Love these white and chrome chairs.  I bought the little tables at Decade and Wasteland last year and the sheep skin mats are the perfect degree of haughty, our decorator friend found them at one of his suppliers.
This chair is a refurbished cheapy, we've included elements of this teal colour (it's much darker than it appears) in other parts of the lounge, it's such a nice colour. 
I adore these white vases which we got yesterday.  Our decorator bought these for himself but I managed to let him leave them at our house until further notice.  They go perfectly with these Normann Copenhagen metal bowls from Tonic Design. 

And just to finish it off, murano glass ashtrays. Or are they ashtrays? I don't know but they were a nice touch and gift from our friend. 
This is the first stage of refurbishment from my bedroom.  The wall colour was a boring beige and I have changed it to a beautiful rabbit + koala colour I kinda made up at the paint store. It's a bit darker in real life and it's a wonderful colour to wake up to. 
I'm generally a heart and owl person so I want to get more of these ceramic hearts from Ceramic Matters.  Don't know where I'll find porcelain owls but the search is on, preferably white. 
Our decorator got this beautiful table yesterday, it needed a bit of TLC when it arrived and I think he did a good job of it. 
It goes well with my brass mirror.  So this is what I'm going to be using as a dressing table and working table in my room.  We are going to add a burgundy velvet chair or stool. 
These side tables are temporarily living in my bedroom.  They belong to our decorator and he is taking them back but I am hoping to twist his arm and make them stay. They are so beautiful.


Vuyo said...

OMW...is this the place I know...OMG, what's his number, can he come to PE to do my place please please an pretty please. I love the white chairs! Yho, he has some talent, that's for sure...
Well done M&N

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