Chance meeting

Monday, February 24, 2014

I think it was meant to be. I sent an Instamessage to @oromaelewa when she was here last week and didn't hear from her. I assumed she was busy and actually felt a little bit shy going any further looking for her contacts so I let it go.  I was sitting in Rosebank during a meeting on Friday and when I looked up to see a statuesque figure approaching, I stopped listening to my meeting people.  We locked eyes as she approached and she gave a nod of hey, aren't we supposed to know each other? I got up to greet, we hugged and I introduced myself.  She was with an old friend of mine Kholeka from The Times, who emailed her upon hearing that she was in town.  It turns out that Oroma thought that Kholeka was me and while they were walking, were talking about me and then a few minutes later, we all bumped into each other. She said she'd be back soon so we will see what happens.  She is gorgeous shem, jealous down. My meeting people were like ''ngubani loya?"And they got it. 


Nomali Cele said...

You're going to be bffs. That's a great cute-meet, o.

Thando said...

im glad you met.

Creativity Breeds said...

Crazy because ndiziva kanjalo ngawe yaz'... So vortex that.

justourhouse said...

Stop it. What a story! She's gorgeous. I want to do a beauty profile on her for the mag. We'll chat more tonight when I see you. Thahl

Hara_kr said...

Great post!
I would be happy if you visit my blog too!

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