Friday, February 21, 2014

Ah man, pictures really don't do this momentous surprise any justice.  There I was, minding my own business when a knock on my door ended up being the best surprise ever.  I don't know how they know me but the people at Tanqueray Gin South Africa, put together a seriously thoughtful Valentines Day gift pack for me and I am really grateful. I have to share it because, I mean really:

First of all, that bottle green is one of my favourite colours the box is wooden and I have already found a use for it. 

They made a little booklet that was printed with various blog post images and quotes that they used to figure out the the things that I like.  So for instance:

BOOM! Gift vouchers to The Space, a Kerry Washington movie DVD and not one but two Erykah Badu CD's (you can't see the other one here :-) which are in my car.

This is my absolute favourite thing - it's a giant poster that I'm taking to the framers TODAY! 

Quotes by the old man, what better way to ground ones self?

So not only these, they got me a super cute clutch bag, a burned orange Le Creuset tea set which I have already used 3 times and forced guests to drink tea from, a Le Creuset butter cup, heart shaped lollies from Woolies and of course a delicious bottle of what was already my favourite gin in the world, we are getting Tanked this weekend. Thank you so much for this you guys, I get a lot of these kinds of things all the time and this one certainly tops the ''best of'' list. 

I'm sorry for the bad quality pictures. I took these with my iPhone, which is obviously over life or something. 


Nomali said...

This is so cool, Milli! So thoughtful and just, ugh. They really get it. LOVE the poster.

Now I want gin.


Zaahirah said...

So amazing, that Le Creuset set is gorgeous! I also got one and am so impressed and bowled over by the effort they put into it.

BusiBM said...

Very nice ntombi. Well thought and it just seems so genuine.

Ackie Nomqhele Ndlovu said...


Sabu said...

Best. Gift. Ever.

Zimmy** said...

This is really an awesome gift Miss Milli

I hope I will spot you at Erykah's performance at the CT Jazz Fest on the 29th!
Enjoy your thoughful gifts!

sophia La Style said...

I love this, is amazing.

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