Thursday, December 5, 2013

Yaaaaaaay bitchez be back!!!

I hope you've had a good week and for those of you who are having Christmas parties, this is the only time of the year where I wish I worked for a company because we freelancers, never get to go ''completely bevok'' on somebody else's buck at this time of year.  

Today I would like to share a wonderful product that I discovered on Twitter. @LuluAndMarula commented on something I said on Twitter and the name and photo piqued my interest.  It turns out I was just about to discover some really good shit.  Lulu & Marula makes 100% Natural Skin Products from botanical oils like aloe and marula, sourced from South African farmers and mixed in Joburg, in fact right here in Hyde Park.  I checked out the time line and contacted her immediately, a few days later she had dropped off some samples and here we are.  

I've been bathing a lot more than usual and taking some time in the evenings to sit in front of my dressing table to lather away.  These products are unbelievably rad, they smell delicious and that they're actually good for your skin is a 13th cheque.

First of all, how cute is the packaging? Lulu & Marula is the brain child of 24 year old Jesslynn Schlamm who officially launched the local skin care range in October 2013.  She has a full time job in advertising and does Lulu and Marula as her side gig.  She has always had an interest in personal skin care, formulating her own natural ingredient body potions and trying them out on friends and family for ages.  She's self taught people because thank Frau Universe for the Internet and books.  Before she launched the range, she would bring home made balms and oils to the office where the people that she worked with would scoop them up to a point where they started making orders. 

Recently a designer friend* of hers approached her wanting to do branding for the various products, so that they can be sold beyond her personal network. And what a great job she did. I love the brown bottles, they say clinical and legit without the made in a lab using rabbits and hamsters as living testers. The black on white and colourful pattern packaging is what made me send this girl an email when I first saw these products. I am a packaging freak. I will go to Woolies and specifically buy a new food or product because of the way it is packaged. 

The complete range is still growing.  At the moment, it consists of bath and body oils, body balms, hand and foot balms and there's even a facial treatment range which I am very excited to buy this December.  The products are all Marula based, an African fruit whose antioxidant and vitamin rich oil is great for all skin types.  These products are also suitable for people with skin disorders like eczema and psoriasis. Discover the full range and start placing your orders by visiting her online store

For December only, Jesslynn and I are offering and Mili and Lulu special where you can buy any of the products and get a 20% discount.  To redeem the discount, you can order form her directly by mailing (instead of going through the site) and quote the discount code ''LULU&MILI" then make an EFT payment and she will post you the product.  You guys know how I feel about local products, when they are made by young bright women, we are seriously obliged to support them.  Place your order. This is an order. Okay, enough.  

 *In life you need friends who will take you forward 


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