Thursday, December 5, 2013

THIS VIDEO MADE MY BLOOD BOIL. Literally. It's not yet uhuru for women and we need to speak up at every opportunity we get. Against bigotry, sexism, racism and bullshit that purpotes one gender better than another or race better than another.  Speaking of contentious issues...I am currently masticating on the issue of the word bitch and its cousins beeyatch, bish, bitchez and birtch in our daily lingo and in popular culture in general.  A good friend of mine and leader of her generation and I had a lengthy discussion about how this word is in actual fact an impediment to the emancipation of women.  A very interesting discussion which I would like to pose as an issue once I have penned down some real thoughts on it.  I have noted the use of the word in the post above.


Nomali said...

All the sad faces that ever sad-faced. I must say I was surprised to see Rihanna's clip for "Pour it up" in there. No, I haven't seen the video yet.

Ellomennopee said...

Looking forward to reading your thoughts. I've personally taken the b-word out of my vocab, but I totally understand women who want to own it and keep using it.

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