#FWD Winners

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Molweni bahlali

I was ready to give away the #FWD tickets until I read the responses and realised that indeed they were shared on Twitter but the rule was tweet and share on Facebook and everybody only did one, they either tweeted only or they shared only, not both (I stand corrected). So if you're lucky enough to read this and do both and let me know in the comments section by Thursday midday, the tickets are yours.

I'm choosing the final winners of Thursday so that's when I will announce who all the winners are.

Love Me


Eve Bird said...


eve rakow on fb! thefrownband on twitter!

share + hashtag x facebook +twitter = wins?

i really wanna go to FWD pleeease!!! i'll even wear a DRESS! it may even be floral! ;)

Nomali Cele said...

So glad I checked in! I'm whack at sharing on FB cos of privacy settings but I just did here: [http://bit.ly/HH1uuq]

And I also tweeted again [@peachesmoony]

Fingers crossed! Could use some wind down time, unit trusts and wine - lol.

x Nomali

MiZz B.A.T said...

English has always been a problem lol.

Just tweeted @bat_lady07

and on facebook name Bongi Msinanga...I have sent the post.

#raisesglass-here's to good food and drinks.

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