Is Marc Jacobs pulling a fast one on us?

Monday, July 1, 2013

Whether they are in cahoots or not, this is brilliant. A Graffiti artist/tagger who either despises or adores designer Marc Jacobs tagged the designer's New York store last year with the letters ART in bright pink, the same way he did last month with the amount of $686. This time he chose bright green to express ''something'' outside Jacobs' Paris store.  In the true spirit of art, instead of going on an uncool angry artist chase, Jacobs and his people simply took a picture of the tagged ART store, put it on a t-shirt and proceeded to sell the t-shirts for $686.  When this happened again last week, there was speculation that this might be a collab between graffiti and fashion in the name of art. Who ever has the last laugh, this is a brilliant execution of guerrilla marketing. 


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