Monday, July 8, 2013

Everything that Carol Lim and Humberto Leon touch pretty much turns to ice very quickly.  The creators of the holy grail of fashion other wise known as Opening Ceremony took up the top post at Kenzo in 2011 and brought the brand that was frozen in quasi obscurity but still liked, into the hot tamale Kenzo that it is now by injecting it with chemicals of hot blooded youth.  This was when I first noticed that things at Kenzo were different 

And now there's an article declaring the time of the sweatshirt thanks to designers like Ricardo Tisci of Givenchy and this do-or-die duo!

So, what's all the fruity business?  The pics above are from Kenzo's Menswear show in Paris shown recently.  This fruit palava was what welcomed guests to the show where they could go and have fruit shakes at either the Lemon House, the Banana House or the Red or Green Apple house.  So simple and so effective.  We thank Muiccia Prada for going bananas a few years ago, or should we thank Stella or her Pineapple collection in 2007? Whoever started the fashion loves fruit movement, thank you.  


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