Tripping over these trends.

Monday, May 21, 2012


Gosh this is upsetting.  I found these while trawling the net one night, there are way more little trend round ups like this but I didn't want to upset myself further by posting that which I do not have.  At lease I have Yves Klein blue shoes like that, but they are not suede.  And I've already noticed a lot of girls around town wearing chunky necklaces over their shirts - I need to find the perfect shirt.  Then in terms of sunglasses - I would do something shameful to get the pair on the top left hand side with them pearls. And can I get an iPad just to get that croc skin green cover???


Vuvu Nqezane said...

ZARA has the perfect shirt-blouse to pair with some chunky neck-pieces. Its ivory with some studs on the collar. Tress-chic. Love your blog btw... very self expressive.

Jualferx said...

Los corbatines son grandiosos.

little miss said...


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