Monday, May 28, 2012

There are millions of blog on the blogosphere.  There are thousands that are really cool but few that really tickle the trenches and troughs of my heart.  This particular one just made me laugh and laugh.  This girl is clearly crazy and I wish I could meet her and her cat Peter, who features in most of the posts which are about her exitosis inducing life as a model, photographer, blogger and general busy body.  It's a pity the blog hasn't been updated in forevs, but she is forgiven. So meet Bonnie Strange of Strange Ambition

The girl sure likes her fags! By the by, I've quit that shit. 26 days today! Horaah for me. Please god don't let me get into a relationship and be dumped or let somebody i love die because that might just lead me right back to the arroyo of tar and nicotene also known as Malboro Lights. 


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