This little piggy went to the market

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

In case you didn't hear, the launch of Market on Main was beyond Epic last Sunday.  I'm so happy that Jozi finally has a stylish market where good food and design will live happily ever after! Pulchritude was there and sold out of all my top pieces by 1pm.  I had a great selection of Silverspoon, Doreen Southwood, Christopher Strong and new label Frankie and some GORGGGGG jewels from For the Love Of! I was so busy, I didn't have time to eat and I was so hungry that I was battling to see (seriously) and I didn't wanna get too close to my customers because my hunger breath would have killed a corpse! This also means that I didn't have time to take pictures of all the other wonderful stalls. This Sunday I'm having two little interns help me and I'm getting some new stock from Fabric, Christopher Strong, Doreen Southwood, FLO and Take Care.  It starts at 9.30am - 3.00pm every Sunday at Arts on Main.

Mary Jane from SAFW and Maria McCloy next to SA Fashion Week's stand! Maria's stuff was flying
The solitary moment before it got real busy

A beautiful necklace from For The Love Of. People went gaga for their stuff
Some of the food stalls just before opening time

Me and the beautiful Junia


Miss Toitty said...

Hey there which part of jozi is this market? I defnately want to check bt don't where arts on main is

Vuyo said...

I want a Christopher Strong skirt...:(

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Hi Miss Toitty

The market is at Arts on Main, which is in Jeppes town. Its' on the corner of Fox and Berea street or Main and Berea Street. Where will you be coming from? I can give you directions

Miss Toitty said...

Okay cool thanks I would appreciate the directions coming from auckland park

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Okay, from Aukland Park, take empire road towards the Newtown and offramp left onto the M1 South. Carry on the M1 over highway bridge that passes Newtown. Keep to your left. You will see boards that say M2 Durban, Kimberly and No Motorcycles, follow them and take the M2 to the left. Once on the M2, stay in the middle lane, don't take Smit Street or the one that follow. Carry on till you get to Maritzburg Offramp. Take Maritzburg offramp and go straight. The area looks a little dodge but it's fine, pass one set of robots. Drive over a few stop signs straight all the way till you can't go straight anymore. You will be on Fox Street and Main Street Life will be to your left. Turn left, carry on until you get to the end of that street - that will be Arts on Main on your left.

Cupcake Couture said...

Looks like it was fun!
I do love a good market!

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