Mememe is coming to Joburg

Sunday, January 30, 2011

I have some really good news, not just for a Monday, for every single mundane day Joburg has not had a shop quite like this.  In about 8 weeks, Mememe, that cute little shop on Cape Town's Long Street where Scarlett Johanssen once lost herself during a visit to South Africa, will be opening in Johannesburg.  Doreen Southwood, the owner of Mememe Cape Town and I have decided to open Mememe Joburg after years of dreaming about it.  We found an amazing space on Parkhurst's 6th Street (i.e. the same as 7th Ave in Parktown North) and from next month, we will be working furiously to ensure that we open our doors for shopping, tea, champers, a swim and sorbet by the last few days of March.

I will be posting Mememe's Joburg's journey of growth on this blog and hope that you guys will pay us a visit when our doors open.  Mememe isn't only about UsUsUs, we will be sharing some of the house space with the girls from Two, who are going to have their first shop/showroom there, meaning more clothes for you.  Pulchritude fans will particularly enjoy this as the sales won't now be limited to monthly events, but can attend "book club" every day, with an even wider selection of pretty little dresses and trinkets from South African designers. Bassop this space!


Jenny said...

FANTASTIC news Milisuthando! Congrats and good luck to you, Doreen, Carin and Gina on this AMAZING adventure. Can't wait to read all about it and to visit the store when I'm in Joburg. My timing was always out with Pulchritude dates so I'm very excited!

Vuyo said... is HAPPENING!

Milisuthando Bongela said...

Thanks Jenny and Vuyo! I can't wait!

Comfort Shaba said...

ok i'm delayed. due to the january drought been avoiding your blog but now that i know...aaaaahhhhh best news ever!!

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