Hello Foxy Lady

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Hello Fox is an accessories label by Angie and Jo who I met at Wolves across from my apartment. Wolves is awesome. Angie co-owns Wolves thus she's already glazed with awesomeness. Besides that she makes lovely cakes and is an art director for a big company whose logo is # in pink aka Network BBDO. She also has a blog called Lucky Pony www.superduper.co.za/lucky Angie makes the Hello Fox jewellery with Jo, who is apparently addicted to buttons judging by her blog www.buttoncandy. This is their story (as told by Angie):

1. Describe Hello Fox in once sentence
One of a kind awesomes that you wish you could eat.

2. How did it all start?
Jo, the other partner in this duo loves collecting buttons of all sorts. She used to make earrings and then we started chatting and we decided to start making a bunch of other things too.

2. Who wears your accessories?
Awesome people.

3. How do you balance your time between work, Wolves and having an accessories label?
I’m not sure how ahahaa! I eat loads of cake in between to help me motor on.

4. What's your number one seller?
Our brooches, because they are often one of a kind.

5. Will you ever have an Etsy store?
We do have one, just haven’t linked up a paypal account yet. But we will soon :)

I told you they were awesome.


Anthea said...

Have to Hello Fox rings coming in the post. Can't wait!

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