Thursday, January 1, 2015

You know how in life one needs to upgrade themselves? Well, the days of me on blogger over. I've got a new landing page and I'm as excited as a bride on her wedding day. As with any big day, a lot of planning goes into it and right now that's what I'm doing - prepping for the big day. There's a countdown to the big reveal if you go to but it's all coming to life on Monday the 24th of March. Thanks for swinging by. Love Miss Milli - if you need to contact me: 


Nomali said...

Yeees, man!

Ackie Nomqhele Ndlovu said...


Akona Ndungane said...

26 March is my birthday - I'm honoured to share it with the birth of
It's Wednesday 26 March :)

Thando Ziqhu said...

its been a pleasure... been with you since that new york fashion week trip... will continue to be with you... #OnwardsAndUpwards... asambe ke

Zimmy** said...

Way. Too. Excited
Cant even contain it!
Please can I sleep for 9 days and wake up for the big launch!

Sabu said...

I'm on the site right now, its beautiful, so so beautiful - I'm beside myself with excitement. Congratulations Milli! :) xx

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