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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Good morning,

I trust you have held on during the last couple of stormy weeks.  I must apologise for neglecting my blog in the last few weeks. Things have been really rough with the shop relocation, not finding a new space, starting a new job and the planets re-aligning so intensely, that I know I'm not the only one that has felt the weight of some serious changes.

Time has become elusive and my freedom, my biggest and most treasured currency, has been under threat to say the least and the first casualty on that front is usually this blog.  I apologise if you have come back to find the same old post that you found the last time, but I am sure you understand as this is not the first time I've had to kick off my blogging heels in the face of real life.

A few years ago, I am certain I have shared this information before, in a space of 7 days, the following happened: I got dumped real bad, I lost my job, I got evicted, a good friend died and I found myself destitute, broke and stripped of what little film of dignity 23 years of life had created.  I was scared, in a lot of pain and felt completely alone.  I didn't have a choice but to trust that the universe was going to look after me.  Without knowing where it came from, I continued limping through life with an innate sense of ''I'm going to be ok''.  Soon it was revealed to me that losing things, having things change on you, is a major stroke of luck and what was a painful transition, soon turned into an opportunity to delve in the novel.  It's not like everything suddenly became better, but my perception of things began to shift and the more I lost, the more exciting the prospect of this new life seemed. And the more open I was to change, the more doors seemed to swing open without me trying to push.  Until now, that was the most significant 18 months of my life and I thank my protectors for allowing me to grow in that way. They never left me. I always ate multiple meals a day and life started to reveal who my real friends were.

Four years later, I find myself in similar waters.  Drastic changes have been happening and forcing me out of my uncomfortable comfort zone and at first, I was resisting the waves of change because, well they were new and seemingly unwelcome.  Yesterday, I made peace with the many things I have lost and am about to lose and I feel like a really lucky person.  We live our lives building boxes around us, which we should do.  Security is a primal need for human beings and it's important to build shelter and secure some food and comfort around you for peace of mind. But while you are sitting in that box, you are growing with every sunrise and sunset.  You grow and grow and eventually outgrow your box or if you're lucky, the rain and wind destroy it for you and you are left to build somewhere new.  The only certainty is change. There is an incredible sense of freedom that comes with understanding and accepting that simple truth and I think that that is the happiness we seek: the ability to see and accept all that is around you.  Well at least that's what I feel.  My dear friends have been wonderful sisters in the last few weeks. They have helped me pack up the shop, they have eased my moaning, wiped my tears, taken me out to the movies, bought me massages, helped me stalk my crushes, made me nice dinners, sat and watched endless mind numbing Kardashian episodes with me until I fell asleep and while they are also going through shit, we have all reassured one another that we are going to be ok.  It's just life.

So, while I am desheltering, I will be taking some time to focus on my physiological needs. I will not post as frequently as I would like but at the end of it, I will come out better, newer and ready to make this platform the thing it was meant to be.  Here's to taking the time out to figure things out. Work and money are important to survive on one level, but the real juice in this existence is being able to make choices that awaken and engage the real you.  I think that's what people mean when they say ''do you''.

Have a blessed day and take care of yourself,
xxxMiss Milli


Aaron Surin said...

Some investigations have found that lemon balm blended with other calming herbs (such as valerian, jumps, and chamomile) helps reduce disquiet and encourage sleep.

Aaron |
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Klodi said...
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Lwazi Mdlopane said...

Thank God you are okay. Many blessings are on the way.

sindisokhumalo said...
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sindisokhumalo said...

You are and always will be light.

Tebogo Serobatse said...

Even a soldier wounded in battle must retreat so they can heal, before they return to the battlefield. Much luck.

Anonymous said...

I just moved to South Africa a few months ago, only for a few months and like the fashion addict I am I immediately started googled SA fashion. I came across your blog. I actually found it at a time where I was torn between doing what school intended me to do and living the life that really brings me freedom. I was lost, had no direction and couldn't sleep at nights. It was your blog that gave me the pictures that inspired me, your writing that kept me going with my blog and striving to make it better, your connection to MeMeMe that sent me searching down Long street for the store (visiting it several times) and making several friends throughout the hunt. So when you say you need time to breath, I commend you. Not only because you recognize that sometimes you truly got to 'do you' but because throughout all this time, with you just fulfilling your passion you helped many others to find themselves. So thank you.

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