Friday, December 14, 2012

Look at the the first image in this gallery.  Imagine the length of that queue and then think of the suckers who are at its tail.  That was me and my friends last week Friday. Cold, hungry, thirsty and huddled at the arse end of a long queue waiting to get inside the Puma Social Club to see what everybody else in town wanted to see that night, Spoek Mathambo live.  We didn't last.  We had just come from another realm, we had journeyed from a place unspeakable.  We had spent the last four hours at the Linder Auditaurium with Abdullah Ibrahim and the Ekhaya Band. 

Albeit going to town to party with our peers may have been a little careless after a perfect performance by the maestro, some of us had itchy feet and wanted to come down to earth.  And so we ventured into Braamfontein.  We didn't last long in the queue and instead decided to head for Kitcheners to scorch the earth there.  Looking at these intentionally dated but pleasantly hip images of that night, I wish I would have braved the queue and joined my fellow scenesters in singing ''PUNANI''! These images are from an article in Mahala and they were taken by Mack Magagane.

For a review of the concert and for more images, visit the Mahala website. Tonight's Puma Social Club line up: Duchess, Remis, Matthew Mole and DJ Matt Suttner.  I have no idea who the former are. And they call me an it girl. 


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