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Sunday, December 12, 2010

It's Sunday evening and I now officially feel like a shop owner. I've left my assistant at the shop all day while I've been doing other stuff including sleeping with Miss South Africa playing in the background.  I'm exhausted and have a lot of respect for people who run such businesses on their own. One thing I learned from Tracy Bell who owns Trabella is that sometimes you'll have no customers or one sale a day, but it's all about persistence.  It was only after 8 months that the now popular Trabella eatery became what it is today, 7 years later.  It's been good but it hasn't been easy, especially The past four days have been instrumental in giving me a sneak peak into what it would really be like and as much as I'd like to say I'm ready, I'm not as prepared as one needs to be.  Instead of being home counting my money and getting the clothes ready to go back to the designers, I'm sprawled all over procrastination central looking blankly at my screen as I have two stories due tomorrow and I have not started on either.  Both require serious thought and research but because my week last week belonged entirely to Pulchritude, I haven't had time to think properly and now I will have a sleepless night as a result. I'm not complaining, but this is a wake up call for me to make a decision about what I really want to focus on and be good at, cos doing both with half the energy is not going to work for me in the long run.  Here goes, nite y'all, catch up with I emerge from the words. Word!


Edaurdo Cachucho said...

Funny how one is put in the same positions at different points in time. I am similarly torn at the moment.
And damnation! I am reading this on the 12th and at 10:04pm, the last of your last Plurchitude openings for the year. Oh well always next year.

Vuyo said...

Oh my sweet...we live and learn my darling...you will be best prepared next time...! Well done with the sale...all the best for 2011 Pulchritude

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